Member of the Single Action Shooting Society (SASS), and the Picacho Gun Club

Single Action Shooting Society is an international organization created to preserve and promote the sport of Cowboy Action Shooting.


Cowboy Action Shooting is a multi-faceted shooting sport in which contestants compete with firearms typical of those used in the taming of the Old West: single action revolvers, pistol caliber lever action rifles, and old time shotguns. The shooting competition is staged in a unique, characterized, "Old West" style. It is a timed sport in which shooters compete for prestige on a course of different shooting stages.


SASS members share a common interest in preserving the history of the Old West and competitive shooting.

Picacho Posse of Las Cruces, N.M.

Picacho Posse of Las Cruces, N.M.

Phone: 575-647-3434